1045 Pre-Breaker

1045 Pre-Breaker

The ANCO® 1045 Prebreaker, with Capacities up to 80,000lbs/hr is one of the largest prebreakers in the industry, with several different sizes capable of handling whole animals with out any precutting.

The 1045 is the most cost efficient and durable with the longest life expectancy of any in the rendering industry. Using the latest metallurgical technology, the cast alloy steel parts are stronger than the original design.

Each hammer is individually machined before hard-facing material is applied and ground to a nominal .005 to .025 inch tolerance. As the hammer meets with the anvil, the close tolerances produce a scissors effect.

The sharp hammers can slice through large pork bones or soft material and the orifice plate provides a uniform particle size. The final shaft speed of 120 rpm assures low impact stresses to the unit.

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