1128 Feather Spreader/Hog Hair Bin

1128 Feather Spreader/Hog Hair Bin

The 1128 live bottom bin is the most convenient bin for receiving Feathers (or Hog Hair) and storage the wet raw material. Whether the material is delivered by trucks, screened from a water flume system, and/or pressed from the processing plant, or individually loaded, the 1128 comes in a design that does an excellent job handling it.

Constructed in Stainless or Carbon Steel, its rigid construction will accommodate up to 10,000 lbs of wet product. The High Torque, Low HP design, Drag chain powered by a 1/2 HP variable speed drive attached to reducer drags the raw material to towards the discharge assembly assuring an even discharge flow.

The Picker beaters constructed of 4” body heavy gauge pipe mounted inside the of the discharge end, fluffs the raw material to eliminate “balling” and allows for it to be easily conveyed away.

Its custom design allows for special space requirements and easy loading from Bobcats, front loaders, Forklifts, ect… making it an essential piece of equipment for the Pork or Poultry Industry, for hog hair or feather processing.

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