1212 Continuous Hyrdolyzer

1212 Continuous Hydrolyzer The ANCO 1212 CONTINUOUS HYDROLYZER is an integrated system with state-of-the-art PLC controls to receive and continuously process poultry feathers, hog hair and other products requiring a hydrolysate phase change. This proven system turns by-products into a profitable, highly digestible animal feed or ingredient additive. Features:

  • Capacities up-to 30,000 lbs/hr
  • Bottom Feed Design for ease of maintenance, increased de-watering and reduces spillage
  • Low emissions from the ANCO hydrolyzer, an for most considerations it is a minor contributor to plant odors
  • Heavy-duty in-feed drive that double the torque capabilities over the original drive
  • Heavy wall inner shell made from 5/8” thick type stainless steel
  • New ANCO shell design provides better performance and increased heat transfer area
  • Higher pressure ratings: ASME Code Stamped for 125 PSIG inner shell and 150 PSIG jacket
  • Lower steam usage: 1 lb. of steam for 3 lbs. of raw feathers
  • Steam discharge valve with large notch opening greatly reduces chances of product plugging. The steam system also reduces wasted steam in the process, thereby saving energy costs

The ANCO 1212 design is a proven design for feather processing with more years’ experience than any other manufactured equipment in its class.

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