1270 Feather Dewatering Press

( ANCO De-watering Screen and 1270 Feather De-watering Press )

1270 Dewatering Press

In today’s world with high fuel and operating costs, Rendering plants need to maximize the operating efficiencies to reduce the operating costs and improving the profitability.

The ANCO 1270 Feather Dewatering Press based on the ANCO continuous hydrolyzer feed system, which was developed in the 60’s. Feathers typically enter the rendering process at 70% moisture, the most efficient way to reduce the moisture content is to “mechanically dewater” the feathers. With the addition of the Feather Dewatering Press the water content is substantially reduced.

Application and design Features:

  1. Special feeder design, this design virtually eliminates the plugging and eliminates the need for a discharge door as seen in “other” manufacturers.
  2. Redesigned the feed system and do not have plugging issues like “other” manufacturers.
  3. Thrust Plate with a grease fitting that handles the thrust load so the bearings only see a radial load, reducing over all wear and tear on the Press.
  4. Heavy Duty Shaft, 1045 Steel, much stronger than the 1018 used by “others” Press manufactuers.
  5. HIGHER service factor on the gearbox
  6. Stronger Splash Guards, easier to remove and much more durable
  7. Lift Lugs for easy installation
  8. LOW HORSEPOWER DESIGN: The ANCO 1270 Press is unique in its low horsepower requirements, processing up to 45,000# / hour with 40 HP.
  9. MINIMAL SERVICE: The ANCO 1270 Press uses minimal wear parts, each with long wear characteristics. As a result the Press can be operated for years with minimal attention and cost, also uses readily available Dodge® drive and bearing components for local availability.
  10. Reduce Steam Costs: Dewatered feathers have reduced steam requirements due to the following: Large reduction in mass to be processed. Reduction in hydrolyzing cycle requirements. Reduction / elimination of cooker drying time requirements.
  11. Reduce Hauling Costs: Feathers which are dewatered prior to transport to the process facility reduce hauling costs by reducing the water being hauled by as much as 50%.
  12. Increase Capacity: Reductions in mass being processed, coupled with processing gains from reduced hydrolyzing and hydrolyzer drying cycles represent large increases in process capacity.

With the addition of the 1270 ANCO Feather Press to your feather processing system, your plant will see substantial returns and savings with only a minimal investment.

For a personalized Cost Savings or payback analysis; please call an ANCO-EAGLIN Applications Engineer.

For more info click HERE to download a PDF brochure. (100 KB)

To watch the press in action click HERE to download a movie. (19 MB)

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