1271 Paunch Dewatering Press

1271 Paunch Dewatering Press 2002

ANCO® celebrated 100 years as an equipment supplier to the meat packing industry. An accomplishment by any measure! Today our focus continues in those industries that have supported us. With changing times comes new technology and ANCO-EAGLIN’s announcement of the 1271 Paunch Press.

Based on over 40 years dewatering and press experience from the ANCO 1212 dewatering feed system to the 202 series Rendering Screw Presses, the ANCO 1271 Paunch Press was developed. The 1271 is an effective solution in reducing the water load associated with the packing house paunch.

Substantial savings and reduced disposal costs.

The ANCO 1271-10 Paunch Press (other sizes available), performance data of dewatering paunch from up to 90 cows per hour, respectively dewatered 7,000-18,000 pound per hour from an initial DS of approximately 8-10% to > 40-45% final DS.

Low HP Power demands, requirements ranged between 7.5-20 HP at the varying rates. Beef Processors in the USA have demanded a means to effectively reduce the daily paunch disposal costs. ANCO® now offers competitive and proven solutions. The 1271 can be totally automated with PLC and “Touch Screen” technology.

The ANCO 1271 Paunch Press will substantially reduce your overall disposal costs, as one customer stated “superb performance”. ANCO-EAGLIN welcomes your inquiries for the 1271 and other ANCO® products.

Please call an ANCO-EAGLIN Engineer to discuss your application in further detail.

For more info click HERE to download a PDF brochure. (308 KB)

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