1320 Packed Bed Scrubber

1320 Packed Bed Scrubber

The ANCO No. 1320 Packed Bed Scrubber is an effective technological solution in treating obnoxious odor. ANCO will design and build the packed bed scrubber to meet your strictest air regulations and odor control requirements:

  • Single or multiple stage scrubbing systems (Room Air, Venturi, and High Intensity)
  • Constructed out of 304 & 316 stainless steels or Fiberglass.
  • manual or automatic chemical controls to treat emissions.
  • Optional PLC Control that monitors environmental variables such as heat and humidity to assure low emissions.
  • Packing media and mist eliminator are designed to give a low pressure drop and high efficiency.

Contact ANCO-EAGLIN for scrubber and related equipment sizing information for your particular application.

For more info click HERE to download a PDF brochure. (979 KB)

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