202 Screw Press

202 Screw Press

Forty years ago, ANCO® introduced the original 202 Screw Press, a device renowned for its reliability and versatility. Over time, demand grew for a compact, high-production screw press that was also easy to maintain.

In response, ANCO engineered a revolutionary development in the pressing of protein-conversion products — the new 202-4 Screw Press. While successful, the 202-4 only fills part of the customer’s production range.

Today, three additional machines have been added to meet even more diverse production needs. Our products range from the 202-3 for small production needs, which provides 1-1.5 finished tons per hour to the large 202-8 at 4 finished tons per hour.

For more info click HERE to download a PDF brochure. (2.2 MB)

To watch the press in action click HERE to download a movie. (7 MB)

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