608-E Continuous Perc

608-E Continuous Edible Perc

Developed from the design of the 604-C Continuous Auto Perc, ANCO design can also include the sanitary components to comply with USDA/AG Canada requirements.

Specially designed to “Continuously” separate solids from the free flowing fats or liquids for a variety of applications; Edible Fat Systems, Snack Food Industry, Prepared Foods Industry, ect… or for more “abrasive” raw-materials that require a higher quality of construction.

The 608-E Continuous Edible Perc is an excellent choice for removing the free flowing fats associated to your “Continuous Process”.


  • Various sizes for all types of products and capacities.
  • S.S. Construction.
  • Easily interchangeable screens for process variations and ease of maintenance.
  • Multiple Inspection Ports for process observation and cleaning.
  • Bearing Supported Drainer Screw for reduced wear on the screen.
  • Variable Speed Drive for easy fine-tuning and optimization.
  • Optional Level Switches, and/or Level Sensors.
  • Engineered and designed for performance, reliability, efficiency, safety and low maintenance.

ANCO 608-E Continuous edible Perc is one of the most cost effective, durable designs and continuous Percs in the industry.

Contact an ANCO-EAGLIN Engineer for information about your Perc Pan Application.

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