878 Edible Grinder

878 Edible Grinder/Mincer The ANCO 878 Edible Grinder and Mincer is manufactured with sanitary components to comply with USDA and AG Canada requirements. Specially designed to grind-frozen meat, bone grinding, final grinding for sausage production, and fat trimmings for edible applications. Features:

  • Grinds all pumpable meat/poultry products in a gentle and non-smearing manner.
  • Various sizes for all types of products and capacities.
  • S.S. Construction.
  • Wide bowl and large throat opening in the cylinder design, insure drawing of meat into the cylinder rapidly and safely without mashing, heating or backing up.
  • Low HP Design.
  • Engineered and designed for performance, reliability, efficiency, safety and low maintenance.

Optional Features:

  • Pet food grade units available (ANCO in the #1 Supplier of chilled pet food systems).
  • Flexible Design that easily accommodates for existing Pumps or Conveyors, or eliminates the need for additional pumps or conveyors.
  • Optional double knife sets, bone elimination systems, etc…

ANCO offers a wide range of Grinder Designs, ALL built to meet your applications or exact specifications. Contact an ANCO-EAGLIN Engineer for information about your Grinding Application. For more info click HERE to download a PDF brochure. (248 KB) < Back to Food Processing >