A note from the President of ANCO-EAGLIN, Inc.:

Dear Customer: ANCO-EAGLIN, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial processing equipment for rendering, food, chemical, and associated industries. ANCO equipment has been in related industries since 1902. This experience has provided numerous benefits for customers domestically and internationally. With innovative ideas and common sense solutions, ANCO-EAGLIN can provide the “Know How” for your particular needs. We would appreciate the opportunity to share our experience and product technology in the areas listed under our “Services” section.

At our New manufacturing facility in High Point, N.C. USA, we design and build the equipment to meet your exact specifications, and provide total turnkey projects of any size. Our highly experienced international team is readily available to provide maintenance, repair and customer support. ANCO-EAGLIN is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of equipment and services at very competitive prices. We are confident in our ability to serve customers with the highest quality service, engineering and support.

Sincerely, Rick Eaglin, President

Providing you with quality, service, and superior workmanship since 1902.