AE “Duracut” Carcass and Bone Crusher

ANCO “Duracut” Crusher

The ANCO “Duracut” Crusher is designed specifically for bone crushing or whole carcass crushing. A one-pass design that discharges a particle size suitable for feeding any conveying system or pumping system, and small enough for any batch or continuous rendering system.

Key Features of the ANCO “Duracut” Dual Rotor Crusher:

  • Capacities up to 50 tons of raw material per hour, including whole carcasses.
  • Dual shaft design that produces a higher throughput and smaller particles compared to other pre-breaker designs.
  • High strength carbon steel construction teeth, which can also be rebuilt by welding and hard facing.
  • “Inline” Design for easy of installation and maintenance.
  • Teeth are machined from Solid block for additional strength and wear.
  • Teeth can be individually removed for ease of maintenance.
  • Close tolerances between teeth that allow provide a “cutting” action that result in Lower HP requirements compared to other designs. (Typically 40% Lower)
  • Direct Drive System for improved efficiency, compared to other “fly wheel” designs.”
  • Electronic speed monitor fitted to the drive; which shuts off the motor in case of foreign object entering the crusher.
  • Sealed pillow block bearings are mounted foot-to-foot for higher strength and decreased wear.
  • Easy maintenance, with simple and fast access to all wear components.
  • Simple and rugged design minimizes maintenance costs and helps to ensure a continuous operation.


  • 304 S.S. Sanitary design for USDA Applications.
  • “Touch-screen PLC” complete with controls and motor starter.
  • Custom Inlet hopper and supports sizes and material of construction designed and built to your specifications.
  • Multiple “teeth” designs and configurations for optimum crushing performance.
  • Two year (24 month) warranty on motor and drive assembly.
  • Easily changeable configurations, that makes it easily adaptable to both new and existing installations.

All ANCO Crushers, Pre-breakers, and Grinders offer proven reliability and rugged construction; customers will undoubtedly benefit from the ANCO performancereliabilityefficiency, and overall value.

Contact an ANCO-EAGLIN Engineer for more information on ANCO Grinding systems.

For more info click HERE to download a PDF brochure. (814kb)

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