AE “Strata Flow” Continuous Cooker

ANCO “Strata Flow” Continuous Cooker

The ANCO “Strata Flow” Continuous Cooker is one of the most important machines in large scale rendering plants, its an automatic cooking and drying system that provides durability and performance.

It consists basically of an horizontal cylindrical body in which the steam heated agitator arm rotates, providing a “continuous” gentle cooking that allows the raw material to be thoroughly mixed providing a uniform end product.

  • Built to ASME, CE or EU specifications, which are the highest standards in the world.
  • Capacities to 4300 ft^2 (400m^2) of heat transfer area.
  • Optional Steam Heated jacket for additional heat transfer area
  • The system is controlled by probes that note the temperature of the product in the initial and final section of the cooker. The temperature can be set at a variety of temperatures depending on the type of raw material.
  • PLC monitors the rise or fall in temperatures in the initial section, which reduces or increases the raw material feeding capacity.
  • PLC monitors the rise or fall in temperatures the final section with the resulting variation in the discharge capacity.
  • PLC Controlled level sensors that reduce the feed to the cooker when the unit is too full.
  • Standard design easily handles a variety of raw materials.
  • A PLC control loop allows the product rate and heating temperature to vary for specific industry applications allowing a high degree of flexibility

ANCO units are constructed from the highest quality materials.

  • ANCO uses a shell material of pressure vessel quality type ASTM 516-70 alloy steel.
  • This grade of steel has a mill target tensile strength of 70,000 PSI to 90,000 PSI.
  • This improved material choice is 27% stronger than material used by many of our competitors.
  • The 516-70 steel provides a much higher jacket rating of 150 PSI. Optional S.S. Construction

ANCO-EAGLIN is a world leader in rendering equipment manufacturing, we can provide you with a complete rendering line designed to meet or exceed your equipment needs and specifications.

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