ANCO 3100 Screw Press

ANCO 3100 Screw Press

This press is a major development for fish rendering systems. The 3100 SCREW PRESS is designed for continuous mechanical fat extraction.

  • Capacities from 1500 lbs/hr of pressed cake per hour to 8500 lbs/hr.
  • The screw design allows a firm and precise pressure to be applied to the preheated fishmeal.
  • Heavy-duty flights are controlled by a VFD drive that allows an exact pressure to be applied to the protein meal for a more efficient means of removing moisture and fat.
  • Heavy-duty flights and shaft.
  • Main Thrust bearing is housed in a clean lubricated oil bath and held rigid by two (2) radial bearings. Less wear or concern with lubrication.
  • ANCO uses an external bearing support (discharge end) for the main press shaft. Most competitor units use an internal bushing that is difficult to maintain.
  • Shaft design that increases throughput and improves feed capability on soft.
  • Shaft design with built in “Cake Breaker”.
  • Dual hydraulic choke is easier to access and results in optimum pressing.

All ANCO Presses offer proven reliability, rugged construction and feature a single motor to drive all mechanical parts. Customers will undoubtedly benefit from the ANCO 3100’s performance,reliabilityefficiency, and overall value.

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