Anco® AE “Sure Plate” Continuous Disc

AE Series Disk Drier

The AE-Continuous Driers are an indirect, continuous drier with an excellent heat transfer coefficient combined with maximum heating surface in a minimum space.

The rotor consists of a tubular shaft with and a multiple “disk” type rotor to heat and transport the product.

ANCO also offers its “Sure Plate” design which has been field tested for over two years and concluded by ASME Engineers to be a “superior construction”. With our new “Sure Plate” design there are no external welds on any of central heating surface.

This proven design is being used at many rendering plants around the world. With this design the pressure aspect has been tested to be also superior. ASME has verified that the ANCO design can handle over double the pressure of other conventional design.

ANCO Disk Drier Features:

  • Up to 4400 ft^2 of heat transfer surface area
  • “Sure Plate” design for sizes up to 3200 ft^2
  • Standard Disk Edge Wear Band Design
  • Fewer welds than other competitive designs
  • Heavy Duty Disk Construction for longer life
  • Optimum heat transfer design


  • Stainles Steel Construction
  • Optional Disk Thicknesses
  • USDA/Ag Canada Design
  • “Mechanical Seals”(NO packing requirements)

The AE-Continuous Drier has proven the most economical choice for numerous drying applications and product variations. ANCO also offers replacement shafts for all brands of disk cookers and dryers. Click here >

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