ANCO Batch Fish Cooker

ANCO Batch Fish Cooker

The ANCO fish cooker is one of most important machines in a fish meal plant, it can be used as a “Pre-heater” for a low temp rendering or can be used an pre-heater and a cooker, so there is no need for additional drying equipment.

  • Built to ASME, CE or EU specifications, which is the highest standards in the world.
  • Capacities to 12,000 Liters per Batch.
  • The Fish Cooker is designed for gentle heating and cooking of raw fish, keeps protein and structure in the material.
  • Designed for a combination of indirect and direct steam heat sources.
  • Can also be used as a drier or conditioner to reduce moisture content.
  • Standard design easily handles a variety of raw materials.
  • A PLC control loop allows the product rate and heating temperature to vary for specific industry applications allowing a high degree of flexibility.

ANCO units are constructed from the highest quality materials.

  • ANCO uses a shell material of pressure vessel quality type ASTM 516-70 alloy steel.
  • This grade of steel has a mill target tensile strength of 70,000 PSI to 90,000 PSI.
  • This improved material choice is 27% stronger than material used by many of our competitors.
  • The 516-70 steel provides a much higher jacket rating of 125 PSI.

Every unit is built to meet or exceed our customer’s specifications.

  • Optional factory installed S.S. Mechanical Seals; they reduce the required maintenance as well as reduce wear on the shaft.
  • Optional S.S. Construction
  • Can be design for complete plant automation.

ANCO-EAGLIN is the leading Batch Cooker manufacturer in the world.

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