ANCO Continuous Disk Cooker

ANCO Continuous Disk Cooker

The AE-Continuous Cooker are an indirect, continuous cooker with an excellent heat transfer coefficient combined with maximum heating surface in a minimum space.

The rotor consists of a tubular shaft with and a multiple “disk” type rotor to heat and transport the product. This proven design is being used at many rendering plants around the world.

NCO Disk Cooker Features

  • Up to 4400 ft^2 of heat transfer surface area.
  • Standard Disk Edge Wear Band Design
  • Fewer welds than other competitive designs
  • Heavy Duty Disk Construction for longer life
  • Optional Stainless Steel Construction
  • Optional USDA Design
  • Direct Coupled, base-mounted reducer
  • The rotor is fitted with “pushers” manufactured from T304 Stainless Steel to assist in the product transport
  • Steam enters the rotor and condensate exits by rotary steam unions “Self-cleaning” Design

The AE-Continuous Cooker has proven the most economical choice for numerous drying applications and product variations.

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