Anco Fine Crusher

ANCO Fine Crusher

Problems Handling Large Material? Need a Pumpable of Flowable Size? The ANCO “Fine Crusher” is the excellent choice for variety of Size Reduction Applications

  • Light Weight Material
  • Pork Jaws
  • Pork Skulls
  • Poultry DOA’s
  • Turkey Processors
  • Whole Fish
  • Small Animals
  • Wood and Fibers
  • Medical Waste
  • Paper and Cardboard

The ANCO “Fine Crusher” can handle a variety of products, and is an excellent choice for a “Fine Grind”, or a raw material that has difficulty being handled or needs pumped.

The Grinder has the flexibility of grinding whole pieces up to 18”x18” can grind them to sizes down to 2”x 2.”

Each unit features double wall construction, jam proof automatic reversing mechanism, full shaft diameters through the entire width of the machine to outside of supporting bearings.

Sizes from 10HP – 100HP