ANCO Fish Pre-Heater

ANCO Fish Pre-Heater

The AE-SS Fish Preheater is a major development for fish rendering systems, as it provides an effective solution where high yield from raw material of variable quality is required, such as fishmeal. The ANCO preheater consists of a stator housing with steam-heated jacket, and a screw rotor with continuous flight indirectly steam heated. Stator steam jacket is divided into sections, enabling uniform distribution of steam by means of a condensate manifold. Jacket includes a special design that utilizes hot condensate to heat a portion of the jacket reducing energy and operational costs. Features:

  • Especially designed to provide gentle heating of raw fish prior to pressing.
  • Designed for a combination of indirect and direct steam heat sources.
  • Manufactured in several sizes to meet any capacity requirement.
  • The main vessel and jacket is built to ASME or European regulation for pressure vessels.
  • A PLC control loop allows the product rate and heating temperature to vary for specific industry applications allowing a high degree of flexibility.
  • Gentle Cooking Design – keeps protein and structure in the material.
  • Energy efficient design provides optimal liquid and oil separation in press and decanters.
  • Simple and rugged design minimizes maintenance costs and helps to ensure a continuous cooking operation
  • Low HP and minimal Steam Requirements.
  • Optional S. S. Construction

All ANCO Cookers offer proven reliability and rugged construction; customers will undoubtedly benefit from the ANCO performance, reliabilityefficiency, and overall value.

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