ANCO Lamella Fish Pump

ANCO Lamella Fish Pump

The ANCO Lamella Pump was originally developed for the fishing industry. Its “patented” positive displacement design creates 4 large pumping chambers. This allows for higher capacities and its ability to accept larger pieces when compared to other pumps designs for the fish industry.

The pump design makes it a excellent choice for:

  • Pumping Fish Waste and Guts for industrial use.
  • Designs for discharging of ships or processing factories.
  • By-Products from the filleting and canning process.
  • Fish Meal Plants.


  • “Auto reverse” feature helps prevent pump damage in the case of the presence of “tramp metal” or large pieces that are not pumpable.
  • With “multiple configurations” (Click here) allows for easy installation for new and existing pumping systems.
  • “Multiple sizes” for any capacity (up to 200 m3/hour)
  • “Stocking Program” for quick delivery (on select sizes)
  • Low RPM design ensures low friction; resulting in gentle pumping, and reduces excessive wear on the pump.
  • Each Pump comes with Two year (24 month) warranty on motor and drive assembly

Environmental Advantages:

  • Closed loop design reduces spillage.
  • Optional “clamp” design for easy clean up, reduces bacteria and eliminates cross contamination, if required.
  • “Dry” pumping reduces the need for additional water to pump the product compared to other pump designs.
  • Gentle treatment of raw material and high pumping capacity are combined with compact size.

Contact an ANCO-EAGLIN Engineer for more on the other Fish Meal Systems Equipment:

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Contact an ANCO-EAGLIN Engineer to talk about your application and process design.

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