ANCO Model 801 Fish Grinder

ANCO Fish Grinder

ANCO Grinders are large capacity, high production grinders designed to grind fresh and frozen products; fish, poultry, pork, beef, and animal by-products for Pet Food Operations or low temperature rendering applications (LTR).

Our grinders have a wide range of plate sizes that are set up for just a course grind or a “fine” grind as required.

The ANCO design allows for many optional layouts for pumping system and/or conveyors that will easily incorporate into any NEW or existing layout.

ANCO grinders can be supplied with a range of additional equipment; double cut system, triple plate assembly, bone elimination systems, or transition funnels to suit almost any application.

Additional Grinder Options:

  • Built to USDA standards.
  • CE marking if required per country codes.
  • Tinned or Stainless Steel Construction.

ANCO grinders are manufactured in the USA built for durability, maximum productivity, ease of maintenance with wear parts that are easily replaced and supported world-wide.

Contact an ANCO-EAGLIN Engineer to talk about your fish rendering application.

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