Blood Handling/Drying

ANCO 305 Blood Coagulation System

ANCO Continuous Blood Coagulation System

ANCO Blood Drying Systems
Blood systems designed to dry blood to produce bloodmeal with very content of proteins, while reducing operational costs. The ANCO system mechanically dewaters the blood, reducing the steam consumption or drying energy without destroying the blood valuable Lysine content and High Protein value. To make the plant more profitable by producing a highly valuable feed ingredient, and reducing the negative effects on the environment; ANCO can offer a variety of blood drying options to meet every processors capacity and requirements. ANCO Complete Blood Systems Raw Blood Storage System:

  • ANCO Blood Tanks, non corrosive construction (all capacities)

Raw Blood Handling:

  • No. 228 Blood Pump, (up to 250GPM)

Dewatering Systems:

  • 305 Blood Coagulation System (upto 50,000 lbs/hr)
  • ANCO Coagulated Blood Separator (upto 50,000 lbs/hr)
  • Blood Centrifuge/Decanter

Conditioning Systems:

  • Reduces Coagulated/Screened Blood to 35-45% moisture
  • ANCO 160 Blood Conditioner (Capacities to 10,000 liters)

Blood Drying Options:

  • Blood Plasma Separation Systems
  • Flash Dryers
  • Direct Fired Driers (DFD)
  • Continuous Disk Driers
  • Continuous Steam Tube Driers
  • Batch Blood Drying System

ANCO will provide everything required for the blood system to meet your specifications: Raw Material Handling, Dewatering, Drying, Condensing, Odor Control, Finished Meal Storage, and even Waste Water.

ANCO Blood Systems offer proven reliability and rugged construction; customers will undoubtedly benefit from the ANCO performance, efficiency, and overall value.

Contact an ANCO-EAGLIN Engineer to talk about your Blood Drying application.

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