Fulfilling your rendering needs at every stage of your process   


Our equipment is manufactured in the USA and built to the highest codes in the world. Our equipment utilizes ASME, Lloyd’s, and TÜV standards as well as country specific pressure vessel regulations.


Our bins and tanks units can be used for a variety of applications and are designed to meet the most demanding requirements. Whether the equipment is used for raw materials or finished products, each of our storage units are constructed to prevent leaks and properly transfer contents to their intended location. Our storage solutions include:


We offer one of the largest prebreakers in the industry, with several different sizes capable of handling whole animals without any precutting. Our designs are efficient and durable with the longest life expectancy of any in the rendering industry. Our sizing equipment include:


ANCO units are constructed from the highest quality materials. Our Cookers and Hydrolyzers can operate as batch or continuous units and many of our cookers are still in operation after 40 years of dependable operation. Our Cookers and Hydrolyzers include:


ANCO dryers are well suited for all types of industries and products. Their compact design makes it easy and efficient to upgrade from older evaporation equipment. Our customers will save in production time, steam demand, and electrical consumption with our economical dryer units. Our dryer equipment includes:


Whether the material is delivered by trucks, screened from a water flume system, and/or pressed from the processing plant, our separation systems are designed to handle a variety of applications. ANCO separation solutions are capable of removing free flowing fats, feathers, hair, metal, and much more. Our separation equipment includes:


Materials typically enter the rendering process at 70% moisture. The most efficient way to reduce the moisture content is to mechanically dewater the material. We maximize operation efficiencies with our presses, to reduce the operating costs and improve profitability. Our pressing solutions include:


ANCO uses a wide range of high quality odor treatment systems for a large range of industries. Our equipment ranges from scrubbers and condensers to cyclones and thermal oxidizers.

ANCO offers a wide range of transportation solutions. Our equipment is designed for the transportation of material from one process step to the next. We offer U.S.D.A. approved Lamella Pumps as well as sanitary fat or blood displacement pumps and screw conveyors.