ANCO provides high quality replacement parts and accessories for all types of rendering equipment



ANCO is known as a manufacturer of high quality production machinery in the rendering business, but what most people don’t know is that we also offer a variety of stocked parts. ANCO can rebuild, re-shell, refurbish, replace and provide equipment/technical assistance on Dupps, Stord, or any other cooker manufacturer.

In addition to the ANCO, BOSS, and KSI product lines, we stock spare parts for the following:

  • Batch Cookers 
  • DUPPS & Globe Batch Cookers, Batch Cooker Parts, Shafts, Paddles, Stuffing Box Glands, Mechanical Seals, ECT…
  • Presses 
  • DUPPS & Anderson Presses, Press Parts, Barrel Bars, Knife Bars, Force Feed Systems, Cages, ECT… 
  • Continuous Cookers  
  • Stord TST Disk Driers (up-to TST 100), New Rotor Assemblies, Continuous Cooker Parts, Kicker Paddles, Bearings Housings, ECT…

We are also an authorized Distributor and Parts Supplier for the following:

  • Votator Heat Exchangers
  • Waukesha Pumps
  • Cherry-Burrell Seals and Fittings

  ANCO stocks over 1 million dollars in spare parts. We will provide the highest quality spare parts at the most competitive prices. Need a part? ANCO can help you find it.