Supplying cost effective, durable separators since 1902



Whether the material is delivered by trucks, screened from a water flume system, or pressed from a processing plant, our separator systems are designed to handle a variety of applications.

1128 Feather Spreader/Hog Hair Bin

The 1128 live bottom bin is the most advanced bin for receiving feathers and hog hair while storing wet, raw material. Constructed from stainless or carbon steel, the rigid construction can accommodate up to 10,000 lbs. of wet product. The high torque, low HP design drag chain transports raw material toward the discharge assembly, assuring an even discharge flow. The picker beaters, constructed of 4” heavy gauge pipes mounted inside the discharge end, fluffs the raw material to eliminate balling and allow for easy conveying. Its custom design allows for a variety of space requirements and easy loading from Bobcats, front loaders, forklifts, and many more.

Metal Detection

Our professional engineering staff can design a metal detection system to meet any requirements. ANCO offers a variety of solutions to your tramp metal detection needs. Whether it is ferrous or non-ferrous metals, an edible or inedible process, or automated or manual cleaning, ANCO has the solution.


603G Perc Pan

Today’s rendering systems bring a unique requirement for percolating fats from cracklings as they discharge from cookers. To meet individual applications, ANCO offers a large range of drain pans, each including a unique set of advantages for specific rendering applications. These benefits include:


  • Low horsepower gear drives.
  • Heavy-duty engineered drag chains and steel frame systems.
  • Low RPM drag bar chains.
  • Replaceable tallow screens.

604 Continuous  Perc

Whether suited for your continuous cooker or for multiple batch cookers, the ANCO 604 Continuous Perc is an excellent choice for removing free flowing fats from your rendering process. A great solution for beef, pork, poultry and some fish applications, the 604 Continuous Perc is one of the most cost effective, durable designs in the industry. The 604 model includes:

  • Carbon or stainless-steel construction.
  • Easily interchangeable screens, for process variation and easy maintenance.
  • Multiple inspection ports, for process observation and cleaning.
  • Bearing supported drainer screws, for reduced wear on the screen.
  • Changeable speed drive, for easy fine tuning and optimization.
  • Minimal maintenance design.