Vapor Handling and Oder Control


Ensure sanitary and quality production with ANCO’s superior vapor handling and odor control systems



ANCO uses a wide range of high quality odor treatment systems for a variety of industries. Our equipment ranges from scrubbers and condensers to cyclones and thermal oxidizers.

1320 Packed Bed Scrubber

ANCO’s 1320 Packed Bed Scrubber is an effective, technological solution to treat offensive odors. ANCO can design and build a packed bed scrubber to meet the strictest air regulations and odor control requirements. The 1320 Packed Bed Scrubber can meet specifications necessitating:

  • Single or multiple stage scrubbing systems.
  • 304 and 316 stainless-steel or fiberglass construction.
  • Manual or automatic chemical controls, to treat emissions.
  • Optional PLC control to monitor environmental variables, such as heat and humidity.
  • Packing media and mist eliminator, designed to provide a low pressure drop and a high efficiency.

1330 Venturi Scrubber

The 1330 Venturi Scrubber eliminates oil and particle content in your vapor stream while eradicating high intensity odors. The 1330 model features:


  • Reduced amount of non-condensable gas to be treated.
  • Reduced loading to the Room Air Scrubber by lowing aerosol, grease, and high intensity odors in vapor stream.
  • Increased removal of particulate in the vapor stream.
  • 305 stainless-steel construction.

Air Cooled Condenser

Without proper vapor condensing in a rendering system, cookers are less efficient, operation costs are higher, and product quality decreases. As there is no single solution for all rendering applications, ANCO offers a wide variety of options appropriate for diverse plant sizes. Each Air Cooled Condenser system offers:


  • No required water usage, as vapor cooling is done by indirect air fans.
  • Easy integration into PLC operating systems.
  • Varying sizes that can be tailored to plant requirements or combined with alternative condensing equipment.

Shell-N-Tube Condenser

The Shell-N-Tube Condensers are pre-engineered for precise quantities and the physical size can be modified for vertical or horizontal space limitations. The construction materials can be customized to each customer’s needs, allowing the unit to be used for heating potable water and cooling towers.

Jet Condenser

The Jet Condenser unit, when combined with the 103B Hot Well, is especially suited for condensing steam and noxious vapors. For successful operation, 60-70 GPM of water at 60 °F is required to condense 2,000 lbs. of steam per hour to 133 °F tail pipe temperature. Manufactured to a 6” size, the Jet Condenser weighs 220 lbs. and can provide solutions to your strictest steam and vapor needs.

Flash Tanks and Cyclones

The ANCO high efficiency, Flash Tank design provides a pressure drop allowing the entrained solids to drop out of the vapor stream. The ANCO Flash Tank can be used on a variety of applications, including Batch Cookers, Continuous Cookers, Hammer Mill applications, Continuous Hydrolyzers, or any application that requires solids to be removed from the air stream. The high efficiency design will improve your overall process and aid your production, with improved cook times, reduced carry over, reclaimed solids, reduced amount of product lost, and reduced load on condensing and waste water systems. ANCO’s tanks can be outfitted with:

  • Multiple cooker design.
  • Stainless-steel construction.
  • Rotary air lock, to remove particle and water build up while maintaining vacuuming.
  • Conveyor bottom design, for quick product removal.