Flash Tank/Cyclones

ANCO Entrainment Tanks, Flash Tanks and Cyclones

The ANCO High efficiency entrainment tank design provides a pressure drop that allows the entrained solids to drop out of the vapor stream. The ANCO Entrainment Tanks can be used on a variety of applications, Batch Cooker, Continuous Cookers, Hammer mill Applications, Continuous Hydrolzyers, or any applications where solids need to be removed from the air stream. The High efficiency Design will definitely improve your overall process.

Improve Cook Times Reduce Product Carry Over (reducing “fouling” on the condensers) Reclaim Solids; reducing amount of product lost and reduces the Load on Condensing and Waste Water Systems.

Optional Features:

  • Multiple Cooker Design Capacity
  • S.S. Construction
  • Rotary Air Lock (airlock removes particulate and water build up continuously while maintaining vacuum)
  • Conveyor Bottom Design for quick product removal

ANCO offers a wide range of Entrainment Tanks designs, ALL built to meet any applications or your exact specifications.

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