Grease Recycling

Grease Recycling

Yellow grease or Feed grade fat, is commonly produced by recycling “used” cooking oil from restaurants or food processing facilities. When properly recycled, the grease can be used as a high-energy liquid feed additive in livestock and pet foods.

It is also increasingly being used as a source for renewable energy, either as raw stock for bio-fuels, or directly as a fuel.

Key Benefits of recycled Grease:

  • Used in numerous consumer goods
  • High-energy feed additive
  • Derived from used cooking oil
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be easily be converted and used as bio-fuel
  • Provides a low-cost lipid feedstock for sophorolipid production such as therapeutic cosmetics, germicides and environmental cleanups.

ANCO will design, manufacturer, and supply all of the equipment for the Grease Recycling System. ANCO’s proven process includes receiving bulk truck loads of restaurant grease, melting the grease, separate, purifying and vacuum drying; a process that produces the highest quality finished product.

We can also provide turnkey wastewater treatment to meet any local effluent requirements, as any equipment required for the treatment of plant-air and waste process vapors  that meet local requirements for air emissions.

The ANCO Grease Recycling System has many advantages over evaporation type systems or other thermal dewatering equipment:

  • Improved quality of finished fat compared to other designs.
  • Lower Energy Cost.
  • Lower environment emissions.
  • Reduced Equipment Costs compared to other designs.
  • Easily expandable to higher production volumes.
  • Flexibility in oil types and process conditions.

All ANCO Equipment offers proven reliability and rugged construction; customers will undoubtedly benefit from the ANCO performance, reliability,efficiency, and overall value.

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