Lamella Food Processing Pump

ANCO Lamella Pump for Food Processing

The USDA design has the same qualities of the original Lamella and is designed for pumping high viscosity products, such as frozen and fresh meat.

The Lamella design allows for a gentle and “non-smearing” manner without squeezing the raw material, this is essential to the Food Processing Industry.

This design “cuts” the material instead of squeezing it, making the pump a perfect pre-cutter for raw material going to further processing. The slow moving impellers design ensures low friction; which reduces heat, smearing of the product, and excessive wear on the pump.

Typical Applications:

  • Fish
  • Dough
  • Pet Food
  • Frozen Minced Meat
  • Fiber Solutions
  • Material with a high Bone content or even pure bones


  • Custom designed batching hoppers to prevent bridging
  • Heavy Duty design for frozen material
  • Clamp design where the highest levels of Hygiene are required

The Clamp design allows for the side of the pump to be opened, this allows access to the pump with out removing the pump from the system. It also allows access certain wear parts for easy removal and replacement. The design allows for rapid cleaning or when pumping different raw materials where mixing is not allowed.

ANCO can provide all the assistance you need for complete installation, required engineering, service and spare parts.

All ANCO Pumps offer proven reliability and rugged construction; customers will undoubtedly benefit from the ANCO performance, reliabilityefficiency, and overall value.

Contact an ANCO-EAGLIN Engineer to talk about your application and process design.

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