ANCO-EAGLIN Inc. is an engineering manufacturing company specializing in servicing the edible fats and oils industry.  With our experienced engineering we have the know how and technology behind the wide range of different margarine formulations, bakery shortening, and lards.

Features and Benefits

With our partners SPX / Votator®, which pioneered the continuous, controlled shortening and margarine production more than 65 years ago, we can design almost any system to meet your requirements.

All ANCO systems rely on the unique efficiency of the Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger in achieving quick, consistent production of crystallization. The super cooled product is then plasticized for the desired crystal structure through controlled agitation of the heat exchanger or it is held in a static rest unit to develop a more rigid structure as required by each client design criteria.


AE scope of supply includes four key major components for the production of margarine:

1. Votator Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

2. Ammonia refrigeration vessels and valve

3. Pasteurization Plates

4. High Pressure Pump

All ANCO systems are easy to install and can be furnished as a pre-piped skid or as individual components. ANCO-EAGLIN Inc. can design, manufacture, install, and start up, each and every part of the system it provides.

Please contact a ANCO-EAGLIN engineer to discuss your application today.