Model 160-11

160-11 Batch Cooker

ANCO 160 series of Batch Cooker or a drier (AE-160) is designed to reduce costs compared to other batch cookers but built with the same high quality shaft and drive arrangements as the 600-11 series. The AE-160 is designed for cooking or drying under “atmospheric” conditions, this new design is built with the same durability as the 600 series batch units, but makes a more cost effective solution to replace older units with a “new” cooker instead of “re-shelling” where pressure cycles are not required.


  • Pow-R-Pak Shaft mounted gearbox (double seal design and higher rated bearings).
  • Inner Shell constructed of ASTM 516-70 with a tensile strength of 90k PSI.
  • Capacities up 7000 liters.
  • Each unit is built is manufactured in the USA; and is built to highest codes in the world for pressure vessels; ASME, Lloyd’s, TÜV, or accordance with pressure vessel regulations in the country in which it is operated.


  • S. S. Construction.
  • Removable or Welded “Front” Head.
  • Automated Loading and Unloading.
  • Front or Bottom Discharge (or both).

The 160 series will work for virtually any “drying” application, ultimately reducing your maintenance cost of older units or replacement costs of comparable designs.

Contact ANCO-EAGLIN for information about processing capacity and requirements for you particular application.
For more info click HERE to download a PDF brochure. (492KB)