Model 1700 “Mega” Cooker

“Mega” Batch Cooker/Hydrolyzer

ANCO-EAGLIN is the leading Batch Cooker manufacturer in the world. Every “Mega” Batch Cooker is built to ASME, CE or EU specifications, which is the highest standards in the world.

  • Capacities up to 12000 Liters.
  • More Cost effective that a small Continuous Unit (added redundancy as well).
  • Reduced Maintenance (1 Mega = 2 smaller units).
  • Reduced Connected HP, less operational and maintenance costs.
  • Less floor space (Fits in same foundation as smaller units).
  • Better Value, Best Price per Capacity in the industry.
  • ANCO units are constructed from the highest quality materials.
  • Constructed of pressure vessel quality type ASTM 516-70 alloy steel. which has a mill target tensile strength of 70,000 PSI to 90,000 PSI.
  • Optional factory installed S.S. Mechanical Seals; they reduce the required maintenance as well as reduce wear on the shaft.
  • Increased pressure ratings for “Special Applications”. Optional S.S. Construction.
  • Can be designed for complete plant automation.
  • Almost of 1 Million Dollars of Spare Parts Inventory.
  • Engineers with Experience (100 year old company, since 1902).

The ANCO “Mega” Cooker is proven as one of the “Best Batch Cookers in the industry”

Contact an ANCO-EAGLIN Engineer to talk about your application For more info click HERE to download a PDF brochure. (406 KB)

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