Model 600-11

Model 600-11 Batch Cooker/Hydrolyzer

The ANCO 600-11 series Batch Cooker features our shaft mounted #11 Pow-R-Pak gear box, but is built with the same quality as the 600-12 batch cooker, the #1 Batch Cooker in the world, with more units still in operation than any other existing equipment manufacturer.

The 600-11 is for designed for sterilization, hydrolyzing, preheating, cooking and/or drying.

The 600 series will work for virtually any application ranging from:

  • Meat and Bone By-Products (Cooking and Sterilizing)
  • Whole or Dewatered Blood
  • Poultry By-Products; Feathers, Offal, DOA’s
  • Hog Hair (Hydrolyzing and/or Drying)
  • Fish (Pre-heating and/or Cooking)
  • Sludge Drying
  • Variety of other non-meat applications (i.e Chemical Industry)

Constructed from the highest quality materials, every Batch Cooker is built to ASME, CE or EU specifications, or to the countries regulations for which it is operated.

600-11 Options:

  • S.S. Mechanical Seals; which reduces the required maintenance as well as wear on the cooker shaft
  • Increased pressure ratings for “Special Applications”
  • Optional S.S. Construction
  • Automated “Loading and Unloading”
  • Load Cells for “Precise Control”

Contact ANCO-EAGLIN for information about processing capacity and requirements for you particular application.

For more info click HERE to download a PDF brochure. (509KB)