Model 600-12

Model 600-12 Batch Cooker/Hydrolyzer

ANCO-EAGLIN is the leading Batch Cooker manufacturer in the world.

Every Batch Cooker is built to ASME, CE or EU specifications, which is the highest standards in the world.

ANCO has manufactured over 3,000 Batch Cookers / Hydrolyzer’s for customers all over the world for a variety of applications. Many of these cookers are still in service after 30 to 40 years of dependable operation, making ANCO Batch Cookers #1 in the world.

ANCO units are constructed from the highest quality materials

ANCO uses a shell material of pressure vessel quality type ASTM 516-70 alloy steel. This grade of steel has a mill target tensile strength of 70,000 PSI to 90,000 PSI. This improved material choice is 27% stronger than material used by many of our competitors. The 516-70 steel provides a much higher jacket rating of 125 PSI. A-E developed a “true roll” procedure provides a perfect diameter, resulting in a closer tolerance between the paddle and shell which improves efficiency and reduces cook times.

Every unit is built to meet or exceed our customer’s specifications.

  • Optional factory installed S.S. Mechanical Seals; they reduce the required maintenance as well as reduce wear on the shaft.
  • Increased pressure ratings for “Special Applications”
  • Optional S.S. Construction
  • Can be design for complete plant automation.

The ANCO model 600-12 is the #1 Batch Cooker in the world with more units still in operation than any other existing equipment manufacturer.

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