Process Control

Process Control

ANCO offers state of the art PLC based electrical control panels, designed for the specific application and to satisfy the end user requirements.

The panel and field instrumentation are tested before being shipped, to avoid wasting time during the start-up.

Plant automation reduces the personnel needed to run the process, minimizes the errors, and makes it possible to perform complex controls to optimize the final product and cut energy costs.

The whole system can be controlled and monitored from the control room and from any remote location connected to the system (including a tablet or a smartphone). Remote troubleshooting is possible from anywhere in the world, as well.

Several security levels can be implemented, allowing different operator privileges, to make the control more robust.

All the events and alarms can be digitally stored, so there will be a record of anything that happened in the plant, for quality of safety purposes. These events and alarms can also be sent in real time via e-mail or SMS.

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