Raw Material Pump (1208)

1208 Raw Material Pump

The ANCO 1208 Hydraulic Piston Pump for use with inedible raw materials. This unit was developed from a need in the concrete industry for pumping large volumes of concrete, the 1208 pump design evolved into one of the best hydraulic pumps for the rendering industry.

Features and Benefits

  • Capacities up-to 36,000 lbs/hr capacity from a single unit
  • Distances over 350′
  • Completely Automated with a State of the Art PLC for automated flow
  • Requires a limited amount of floor space
  • Quicker Load Times
  • Provides a “Closed Loop” system that prevents contamination and a more environmentally friendly plant
  • More economical that conventional conveying systems
  • Chrome Lined Steel Cylinders provide the highest amount of durability
  • Pumps Difficult Materials – Viscera, Bones, Fish, poultry, Pork, and Beef, etc…
  • Minimal Maintenance, and easy to use design.

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