Spare Parts

Parts. Fast. Anytime.

ANCO-EAGLIN is known as a manufacturer of high quality production machinery in the rendering business, but what most people don’t know is that we also stock a wide array of parts, ANCO can rebuild, re-shell, refurbish, replace, provide equipment/technical assistance on Dupps, Stord, or any other cooker manufacturer.

In addition to the ANCO, BOSS, and KSI product lines, We stock spares for:

  • Batch Cookers DUPPS & Globe Batch Cookers, Batch Cooker Parts; Shafts, Paddles, Stuffing Box Glands, Mechanical Seals, ect..
  • Presses DUPPS & Anderson Presses; Press Parts, Barrel Bars, Knife Bars, Force Feed Systems, Cages, ect.
  • Continuous Cookers Stord TST Disk Driers (up-to TST 100); NEW Rotor Assemblies, Continuos Cooker Parts; Kicker Paddles, Bearings Housings, ect…

ANCO can provide Drive Repair. or even complete rebuild Presses, Gearboxes, Batch Cookers, and Continuous cookers, Continuous Hydrolyzers or any other rendering equipment.

We are also an authorized Distributor and Parts Supplier for:

  • Votator Heat Exchangers
  • Waukesha Pumps
  • Cherry-Burrell Seals and Fittings

At the ANCO Factory in Greensboro, NC; ANCO stocks over 1 million dollars in spare parts. We will provide the highest quality spare Parts at the most competitive prices.

Need a part? ANCO can help you find it.

For more info click HERE to download a PDF parts brochure. (916 KB)