Votator Heat Exhangers

Votator Scrap Surface Heat Exchangers

ANCO-EAGLIN has been designing and building Scrap Surface Heat Exchangers Systems for over 10 years, including several staff engineers with over 20 years experience.

A-E’s professional engineering staff provides experience and support for the project that includes; Layout and Design, Automation, Refrigeration and utility considerations, Sanitations, and General plant interfacing during construction.


  • Design and supply the system based on your exact specifications.
  • Offer “Start-up” Services.
  • Can “re-hone and polish to like new specs on older units.
  • Stock over almost $1,000,000 of spare parts for quick delivery.
  • A-E’s control package provides a PLC that is web based which allows remote connection through an IP address for trouble shooting and programming upgrades.

Companies in the food, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and allied industries have all benefited from the addition of the Votator Scrap Surface Heat Exchangers. Providing more uniform, controllable, repeatable continuous processing, because of superior heat transfer performance.

Weather its: Shortening, Margarine Systems, Chocolate, Fudge, Candy Syrups, Sandwich Crèmes, Cream Cheese, Freeze Concentrates, Gelatin, Tomato Products, Sauces, Sausage, Hamburger, Deboned Red Meat, Deboned Poultry or Aseptically Processed Products……. ANCO has the solution.

Please review the article “Plant of the Year” by Food Engineering for the Scrap Surface Heat Exchangers System at Bell & Evans.

For more info click HERE to download a PDF brochure. (1.5 MB)

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